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    Go into YANG XIN

    An expert on steel pipe making around you

    One of the most growing steel tube manufacturers in the Pearl River Delta region

    Zhongshan Yangxin metal products Co., Ltd., located in the Zhongshan hurdles, is one of the most growing steel pipe manufacturing enterprises in the Pearl River Delta region. It was born in the Zhongshan Ancient Town in 1998, and its predecessor is the Zhongshan Ancient Town Sun Sheng steel pipe factory. The company is a professional metal product dealer with high frequency straight welded pipe R & D, production and marketing, other metal pipe and wire drawing wire, with more than 50000 tons of steel pipe and other metal products.

    Position name: Shipper
    Department: Production department
    Release date: 2019-05-07

    Job content:

    1. Responsible for company delivery

    2. Assist the company in its work

    Post requirements:

    1. Those who can operate cranes and endure hardship and hard work will be given priority in admission.

    2. Once hired, the salary is excellent, including food and shelter, good working environment, good food, air-conditioned water heater in dormitory.

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